Frequently asked questions

Where is the development and what is the size of the site?

The site, currently vacant, was formerly an IGA until 2016, located at the corner of Raymond and David Roads. The proposed full-line supermarket is similar in size to the supermarket at Winmalee.

Why is the store needed in addition to supermarkets at Winmalee and Springwood?

The proposal would complement the current town centre, meet the demands of the current population and provide a more convenient shopping opportunity for the Springwood community, close to home.

Council’s 2015 town centre master plan and 2019 local strategic planning statement retail report found there was a need for more supermarkets in Springwood to service the community, and that this would help strengthen and improve the overall retail precinct.

How will the design respond to the Oriental Hotel next door?

The Oriental Hotel is not included as part of the proposed retail development, and will be retained and preserved as a separate building only minor, superficial work is proposed to of the hotel, to improve its connection to the proposed retail development. The hotel would remain open and continue trading as normal throughout any construction process.

The team has engaged heritage experts to inform the development’s design, ensuring the Hotel’s local historical significance and character is respected and highlighted.

Our proposal also includes up to 30 additional car parking spaces for the hotel’s patrons. The driveway from Macquarie Road will remain as the access to the hotel car park.

A heritage statement will be submitted to the Council as part of our plans.

How much car parking are you providing?

We will provide around 200 additional car parking spaces as part of the proposal -- more spaces than what Council requires for a supermarket of this size.

The car parking will benefit the local town centre and surrounding businesses, who will be able to access these spaces to complete their shopping.

An expert traffic report will be prepared and included with our development application, to ensure good access for the community is maintained.

How will customers access the site, and where will loading and deliveries take place?

Customers who are driving would access the store via David Road. We would also improve pedestrian connections to the development.

All store deliveries and waste collection would take place via Macquarie Road, keeping trucks away from residential areas.

What would be operating hours?

We propose the supermarket would operate from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week. The BWS would propose to operate Monday to Saturday 10am to 11pm and Sunday 10am to 10pm.

Will the development overshadow surrounding buildings?

The building is in-keeping with the character of Springwood, the height of the development is below the hotel.

The building, in particular the loading dock, has been designed to minimise visual and acoustic impact to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Will this development help create more jobs in Springwood?

Yes, the development would create around 100 jobs during construction, and more than 100 permanent positions in the supermarket.

How long will the construction take?

If approved, we anticipate the new development will take from 15-18 months to build.

A construction management plan would be prepared to reduce impacts to neighbours and retain access throughout.

The Oriental Hotel will continue to trade during the construction.