Managing access

We’ve prepared a traffic study as part of our plans which has been submitted to Council as part of our application.

The traffic study identifies that traffic generated by the development can be catered for by the surrounding road network, with minimal increases in delays over the network.

Proposed car access would be via David Road and access to the basement carpark will be provided by a new driveway at the intersection of David Road and Raymond Road.

A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of David Road and Raymond Road to improve the intersection operation.

Delivery and service vehicles will access the site via the existing driveway off Macquarie Road, keeping trucks away from residential areas. The largest truck that will service the site will be a 12.5 metre large rigid truck (LRV) for the proposed supermarket. Trucks will be able to enter and exit the site in a forward direction.

The proposal includes improved pedestrian connections to the development and around 200 additional car parking spaces, which is more spaces than what Council requires for a supermarket of this size.

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